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Scrolling for Gold

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The content world has gone thumb crazy.

As content creators for sophisticated clients who rely on the mega platform Instagram, we have one goal: stop the scroll.  

Stop the scroll to increase brand awareness and convert a fly-by glance into a devoted follower.

We call this scrolling for gold.

We spend hours collaborating with ownership, agencies, art directors, and marketing and PR directors to understand the brand (pre-production); before creating the content (production); and then delivering the final product (post production). 

A digital portfolio of images and video best able to convey a brand’s emotional message.

Just like in freshman English class, we must show, not tell. Some rules never change. 

Options abound in the content universe. We work to deliver gorgeous choices. 

Here are some options we ponder in the 5th Street East Situation Room:

Open with an aerial of a Fellini-esque bike ride through a vineyard for a bird’s eye view?

Or get up close and personal with the swirl of a craft cocktail being offered by a hyper cool mixologist?

Film a cinemagraph clip with steam flowing from a just pressed espresso?

Or watch a beautiful event space come to life as a spring garden in a matter of seconds. (With butterflies!)

Sometimes it’s hard to choose so we typically throw our thumbs in the air and deliver them all, each with a time code of less than 10 seconds. Remember: thumbs move fast to keep up with fleeting attention spans.  

Next time you find yourself scrolling through the feed at the end of a long day, we hope our clients’ gorgeous content causes you to pause and give them a thumbs up.

If so, we will have struck gold. 

We are honored to work with a brilliant team of clients, artists and collaborators who deserve much credit. Please follow them in the links above and below. You won’t be disappointed.

Cocktails in Gold mage by Boone Rodriguez for Hotel Villagio. Video above by 5th Street East in collaboration with Denise Korn for The Diplomat Beach Resort.