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On the Rise

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Optimism on the rise. For travel and leisure, the past 22 months have been nothing short of a disaster. With 70% of our core business in the hospitality sector, 5th Street East felt their pain. Head’s down during the dark days of the pandemic, we refocused creative energies on helping clients survive since thriving was off the table.

Good news is on the horizon as we head into the holiday season…

Travelers are booking rooms for the upcoming holiday season. The wedding market can barely keep up with backlogs for dream venues stretching well into 2022 and 2023. It seems everyone is ready to re-engage and celebrate. (We’ll drink to that!)

Phone calls with clients today are much different than they were even a month ago. And we couldn’t be more thrilled for our industry friends and colleagues. Optimism is truly on the rise.

Leisure travel makes a strong rebound for Holiday ’21

This past weekend while in Boston for a magnificent, long-awaited dream wedding (one for the ages and my first since Covid), I had the opportunity to grab a quick convo with colleagues now friends in the hospitality industry.

We actually laughed. And planned. And strategized on new approaches for the upcoming year.

We acknowledged what had changed in hospitality and how this new understanding of “what people actually desire” from a hotel experience will affect positioning as we partner together to create meaningful content going forward.

Relaunch: In 2010, pivoting from a career in the print world (magazine editor) to an emerging digital world, I named my company 5th Street East Production and Launch.

Eventually, we landed firmly on 5th Street East, dropping the two descriptors.

5th Street East is:

Open-ended. A mindset. As the sun rises.

Turning twelve in ’22, that very tween spirit of production and launch is still a part of our DNA. Never more so than now. Along with our partners, we endeavor to re-launch experiences in the hearts and minds of those eager to reconnect. Gorgeous visual assets in video, still photography and social campaigns to celebrate experiences for our outstanding clientele. Content to inspire, elevate and help all of us rise, again.

We, too, are optimistic.

Social Campaign for Four Seasons Hotel Boston by 5th Street East