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Doerr Distinction

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The Sunday Series is published weekly to share inspiring stories about our creative partners

This week we zoom in with Doerr Associates, a leading real estate marketing and branding agency, to discuss their signature approach to creating award-winning identity and marketing campaigns for residential, retail, commercial and mixed-use developments from Atlanta to Boston to Portland, ME. 

Brad Horner, Vice President of Doerr, and Alexandra “Allie” Zolotas, an Art Director at the agency, are candid about the Doerr Distinction: the blend of industry knowledge, creativity and passion, led by veteran real-estate insider, Founder and President Maureen “Mo” Doerr, that sets their work apart from the mainstream.

Doerr Associates – Center, President and Founder Maureen Doerr


The Doerr Distinction



Anna Cheshire Levitan: Welcome to the Sunday Series! The real estate projects you brand are gorgeous and creative, but they also grab people’s attention. What’s the Doerr Distinction?

Brad Horner: I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I believe our distinct advantage is that we understand the importance of a strong brand identity and messaging platform created upfront. We then implement that identity across all marketing channels whether it’s a name, logo, brochure, print ad, signature property video or lifestyle photoshoot.

We approach each project as an opportunity to tell a unique story

For example, with Atlanta’s Seven88 West Midtown, the project we worked on with 5th Street East, the positioning line “Life Through a Wide Angle Lens” really drove the concept to create a unique selling proposition.

The style in which Glassjar took those stunningly beautiful photos was an extension of that positioning line.

“I love the image of the girl looking at the book in Dixon & Rye, shot by Glassjar at a wide angle for Seven88 West Midtown in Atlanta. It’s an extension of the property’s positioning line Life Through a Wide Angle Lens.” 

Brad Horner, Vice President Doerr Associates

Same thing with the video shoot. I’m thinking of a couple of scenes in particular, the one with the group standing against graffiti wall filmed at a wide angle…another is in front of the Mercedes Benz stadium. I love those shots.

That marketing campaign has been hugely successful in pre-selling Seven88 West Midtown

5th Street East Lifestyle Photography Production for Seven88 West Midtown. Photography by Glassjar. Art Direction + Branding Doerr Associates.

Knowledge of What Appeals to a Sales Team

Alexandra Zolotas: Knowledge is something that Doerr brings to each project. Mo has been in the business for so long. Same with Brad. He’s been and still is a broker. They know what’s useful and appealing to a sales team.

Anna Cheshire Levitan: As Doerr’s lead art director for Clippership Wharf, the stunning residential development on the waterfront in East Boston, how did you approach the branding?

Alexandra Zolotas: I feel like that project was my soul. I worked on it for over four years from the start until now and had the opportunity to see everything through from the beginning. For Slip45, one of the condos in the development, a brand tagline is Indulge Your Senses. We wanted to make the audience feel like they were on-property and enjoying every aspect of the living experience. It’s the most beautiful, amazing place.

“For such a long time these places are renderings. To actually see come it come to fruition is such a thrill.”

Alexandra Zolotas, Art Director Doerr Associates

Click Here & Image below to Watch Clippership Wharf Signature Property Video

Clippership Wharf in East Boston. Developer Lendlease. Branding Doerr Associates. Lifestyle Photography Conor Doherty. Lifestyle Production 5th Street East. Signature Property Video + Social Videos 5th Street East.

Creativity that Creates Results

Anna Cheshire Levitan: How do you find that creative nugget that eventually becomes the brand’s guiding principle?

Brad Horner: As part of our brand essence creation, in addition to coming up with a name or a logo, we create a suite of positioning lines that we feel captures the essence of a project. These will then be used throughout the campaign, whether it’s a website headline or print ad headline. In the case of Seven88, an introductory graphic on a video that always promotes the unique selling proposition.

“We eat, breathe, sleep real estate. We are specialist in the field whether it’s residential, commercial, retail, office, a developer’s website. That’s all we do.”

Brad Horner, VP Doerr Associates

Alexandra Zolotas: When we first get a job, we do a rundown of what we have learned from meetings with the developer, architect, interior designer and sales team to recap their vision and goals. Brad then does site visits to walk around the neighborhood and get a feeling for the place. We look at renderings and finishes, everything. I go back to knowledge. The more information we have, the better the branding, the better the results.

“Mo always says to put your buyer hat on. What would you want if you were going to live here?”

Alexandra Zolotas, Art Director, Doerr Associates 

Brad Horner: Sometimes during production for photography or video, ideas come up. Wouldn’t it be great to get this or try this! That’s part of the excitement of collaborating as a team because cool things pop up when you’re on location.

Digital Storytelling as Market Trend

Anna Cheshire Levitan: Where is the industry heading?

Brad Horner: Digital storytelling is where the market is heading. Like we did with Clippership Wharf and the social stories, leveraging the visual assets we are creating through photography and video is going to become more and more important.

Alexandra Zolotas: I agree with Brad 100%!

Brad Horner: We are definitely in a digital world. We have so many ideas and ways to make our stories even more compelling. It’s a very exciting time in the industry.

Brad Horner, Vice President Doerr Associates

Alexandra Zolotas, Art Director, Doerr Associates

Signature Property Video for Seven88 West Midtown, Atlanta.

Branding + Art Direction Doerr Associates.

Production 5th Street East. 


The Sunday Series is published weekly by 5th Street East to celebrate, highlight and share inspiring stories about our creative partners and collaborators

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