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All things local

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On 5th Street East shares how “just around the corner” gains industry status. Today everyone is an explorer looking for unexpected oases and experiences within walking distance or a ride share away.

Forget about staycations. Local is the hot new destination.

Hidden gardens, art galleries, restaurants and jazz bars around the corner. Boutiques, breweries and small batch espresso roasters accessible on a Saturday stroll. Book me! Today’s discerning traveler or buyer craves all things local.

While the 24-7 concierge, Olympic size pool and super deluxe workout facility with Peloton on-property is a must, today luxury hotels and residential properties rush to highlight neighborhood. Goal: capture the imagination of we who seek an authentic, albeit curated community.

Sophisticated travelers and buyers of every age, (On 5th Street East’s co-founder Hunter Levitan is a devoted Goopy) scan the internet for that perfect hotel or residence while simultaneously thumb-scrolling for the must-dine, farm-to-table fare just around the corner. Owning destination is at a premium for hotels, resorts and residential properties to stay relevant in the competitive landscape.

Within walking distance has assumed super status to prospective buyers, guests and travelers looking for a lifestyle experience.

Showcasing the ideal of local culture, cuisine and entertainment options matter when pushing a lifestyle promise, especially when approachable by foot or a short ride share away.

Today, being a local explorer-enthusiast is a way of life, and neighborhood counts for everyone who shares – and the world is sharing.

We travelers and buyers are searchers at heart, eager to find community with a vibe. Here’s what every owner, marketer or agent should do to own destination above and beyond property lines to capture and hold our heart-centered imagination and attention.

Five Tips On Going local:

1. Image is Everything.

Image is everything. So capture it. Snap, shoot and film the best of a neighborhood. Choose the ideal time of day to capture that gorgeous Instagramable image and go for it. Prospective guests and buyers are thumb-scrollers. Tip: people really do respond to pretty pictures.

2. Balance the Options.

A modern art gallery might appeal to one searcher…a new state-of-the art stadium to another. We don’t judge and properties shouldn’t either. Tip: Capture both. Don’t assume one free-time facility fits all.

3. Foodies are Fanatic.

Get permission from that fabulous celebrity chef-owned cafe around the corner to profile their most famous dish and share it with the world aka “Own it”…pan seared something to die for within walking distance! Tip: foodies are everywhere (and we travel).

4. Go Green.

Showcase “within walking distance” proximity to green space such as parks, gardens and tiny oases in the city. New York, Savannah and London are full of them. Gramercy Park comes to mind. Tip: green never goes out of style.

5. Uniquely Yours.

Highlight experiences unique to a city or neighborhood…Boston’s Freedom Trail…a picnic for two in a Napa vineyard…art galleries in Atlanta’s hip West Midtown. Tip: create a mini bucket list of local must-do’s for guest or residences.

In this day and age, we all crave community. Maybe it’s the yearning for when life was simple and just around the corner. We like to explore, understand and find local treasures. We’ll go for that signature spa treatment or craft cocktail on-property when we return – rejuvenated, relaxed, with stories and images to share, and ready to chill.

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Lifestyle Photography produced by 5th Street East for luxury residential apartment development Seven88 West Midtown, Atlanta.
Above: Going Gallery. Lifestyle Photography produced by 5th Street East for luxury residential apartment development Seven88 West Midtown, Atlanta. Branding Agency: Doerr. Photo Credit: Glassjar.

Lead photo: A hidden garden in Savannah. Photo Credit: Anna Cheshire Levitan.

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About the name: On 5th Street East

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Anna + Hunter

On 5th Street East co-creators Hunter Levitan and Anna Cheshire Levitan on the rooftop of the Perry Lane Hotel, in Savannah, Georgia, Friday, August 2, 2019. Hunter is a rising senior at New York University, majoring in journalism and creative writing. Hunter’s also an amazing photographer and owner of her own photography company Anna is the President and Founder of 5th Street East, a production agency specializing in creating assets for the world’s leading hospitality, lifestyle and development companies. #StayHappy